GALERIE ARY JAN mathias ary jan

Orientalism | Belle Epoque | Impressionism & Modern

BAILLY GALLERY charly bailly

Modern, Postwar & Design

HELENE BAILLY hélène bailly marcilhac

Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Art

BOON ART GALLERY christophe boon

Impressionist, Modern & Contemporary Art

BOON GALLERY joseph boon

Impressionist, Modern & Contemporary Art

GALERIE BRAME & LORENCEAU antoine lorenceau

Impressionist, modern and contemporary art

GALERIE DE BAYSER louis de bayser

Dessins - Tableaux - Sculptures


XIXth painting, Portraitist, genre scene and mythology.

GALERIE MARCILHAC félix félix marcilhac

Decorative Arts from the XXth century


Galerie Alexis Pentcheff specialises in modern painting from the second half of the 19th Century to the first half of the 20th Century, including impressionism, post-impressionism and modern art, with a focus on the most talented artists who worked in Provence.

GALERIE PAUL PROUTÉ sylvie tocci-prouté

Drawings and prints from the 16th century to the present time

ROBERTAEBASTA roberta tagliavini

20th Century Decorative Arts , Modern Design, Modern Art, Italian Design, French Design

ROBERTAEBASTA LONDON mattia maurizio martinelli

20th Century Decorative Arts, Modern Art, Modern Design, Italian Design, French Design

GALERIE DE SOUZY pierre de souzy

Modern & Classic Art, XIX-XXth c.

GALERIE DE SOUZY pierre edouard de souzy

Modern & Classic Art Gallery - Paris

STOPPENBACH & DELESTRE françois delestre

19th & 20th century French Art

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