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BÜRGI Camille

Asian art exhibition

Willing to particpate in the Printemps Asiatique exhibition held in Paris running from the 6th until the 13th of June Bürgi gallery is presenting until the 12th of July a selection of Asian works of art from the gallery's owner private collection. This collection is the fruit of  discoveries on the Asian markets since the 1990s.

This neophyte approach has nonetheless resulted in a museum-quality collection featuring Khmer sculptures from the 6th to the 12th centuries. The collection displays sculptures of  the most important divinities of hinduism and buddhism and also a  Guanyin from the 16th century.

Encouraged by Gilles Béguin, General Curator of Heritage and former Director of the Cernuschi Museum.

After a successful opening we are happy to announce that the exhibition has been extended from the 2th of September to 15th of October.


From 12/06/2024 to15/10/2024


From 12/06/2024 to15/10/2024

3 rue Rossini,
75009 Paris

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