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The revolt against the rationalism and the reduction of the dependence on the objective reality led to alter the notions of humanity within the intellectual and artists circles. Synonymous with freedom, strength and transgression, the Fauvism movement was a true revolution of colour. Their spontaneous, often subjective response to nature was expressed in bold, undisguised brushstrokes and high-keyed, vibrant colours directly from the tube. The bright, misplaced pigments used were breaking rules on faithful chromatic representation that had remained in place since the renaissance.

The intensity and vitality will be here represented with energetic paintings by artists such as Maurice De Vlaminck and Kees Van Dongen. Bailly Gallery pays tibute to this movement which the development was as brilliant as it was intense, the impact was extraordinary, laying the groundwork for other avant-garde movements such as Expressionism and Cubism.

From 20/03/2021 to20/04/2021

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