The SNA Art Book Prize


Jean-Gabriel Peyre,

President of the Commission culturelle   



The SNA book prize, inaugurated in 2001, year of centenary of the SNA, is a symbolic testimony of the support brought by its members to the development of the art.

Endowed with € 10 000 , the Prix SNA du Livre d'Art rewards the author of a book of art*.

This prize is organized by " The  Cultural Committee", chaired by Jean-Gabriel Peyre.   

The Prix SNA du Livre d'Art is supported by the Librairie du Louvre.




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                                La librairie du Louvre RMN-GP
Librairie boutique de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux-
                        Grand Palais au Musée du Louvre

* The works translated by a foreign language as well as the catalogs of exhibition are excluded from the competition, unless their purpose exceeds in a considerable way that of the event with which they are connected.