Biennale des Antiquaires 

The idea of an “antique dealer fair” first appeared in the 1950s and more precisely in 1956 under the aegis of the new chairman of the SNA (National Union of Antiques Dealers), Pierre  Vandermeersch. The dream was to create an event where the beauty of the objects on show could compete with that of the women who come visit the exhibition, a venue where elegance, prestige and celebration would await a host of art lovers and collectors.
It was André Malraux who opened the path to the Grand Palais, a legendary Parisian landmark built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. The first International Biennale, in its present form, was held in 1962. It was a focal gathering of the greatest French and foreign antique dealers, decorators, jewellers and book store owners under the famous glass roof in a magic setting made up of pavilions, gardens and fountains.
Celebrities such as André Crivelli, Jean-Raphaël Millies-Lacroix, Pier-Luigi Pizzi, Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Christian Lacroix brought their talent to the show, over the years, an event that the greatest collectors from the Paris Jet-Set and the international elite flocked to see.

Reflecting the passion of enthusiasts and attracting the greatest french and foreign antique dealers, decorators, jewellers and booksellers, The Biennale des Antiquaires captivates the public every time...  

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