CITES Certificate

The SNA mobilized so that antiques are not aimed by the measures of several orders concerning the protection of endangered species. At the origin of this action, in 2004, members of the SNA had seen refusing the delivery of a certificate CITIES during the re-exportation of established antiques or containing bone of whale or marine ivory, on the foundation of the 1st article of the decree of July 27th, 1995 fixing the list of marine mammals protected on the national territory.
The decree of July 29th, 2005 so modified 6 different orders, integrating henceforth that " The ban on transport, on hawking, on use, on putting on sale, on sale or on purchase, planned to articles (...) Does not apply to dating specimens of before June 1st, 1947, since their natural raw  state was widely modified to make it jewels, decorative, artistic or utilitarian objects, or musical instruments, since they can be used without being sculptured, decorated or transforming more and since the invoice or the certificate of transfer mentions their age. "
Read the wholeness of the decree of July 29th, 2005, Ministry and the sustainable development / Gazette of the French republic of November 8th, 2005

A few months later, the decree of October 14th, 2005 fixing the list of the marine tortoises protected on the national territory and the modalities of their protection will also integrate this limitation (article 6).
Read the wholeness of the drecree of October 14th, 2005, Ministry and the sustainable development